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Access across all your devices

Files in your Dropbox folder stay updated on every device linked to your account. Save something on your laptop, and it automatically syncs to your desktop computer, as well as your iOS, Android, Windows, or Blackberry mobile devices.

Access files across all devices

Share securely

Instantly send files or folders to people outside your company using shared links—even if the recipients aren’t Dropbox users. To keep tabs on sharing, you can see viewer info and protect those links with passwords and expiration dates.

Keep everyone on the same page

Use comments to quickly gather feedback right next to your files. You can also invite your team to shared folders, where they can add and edit files together. Changes sync automatically, giving everyone the most recent version in their Dropbox folders.

​​Easily find what you need

Create a central workspace so everyone can find what they need quickly. Team folders are a simple way to give your entire team access to things like employee handbooks, departmental goals, and offsite photos.

User lists

Use our groups feature to create and manage lists of members within your Dropbox Business account. Give new employees access to specific folders with just a few clicks.


Consolidated administration

Easily manage your team and data from a single access point. The redesigned Admin Console includes all the features you need to deploy and manage Dropbox.

Team activity tracking

Conveniently track how data is shared with individuals inside and outside your company through in-depth audit logs. Perform targeted investigations with refined filtering and enhanced search.

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Centralised billing

Reduce time spent on expenses with centralised billing. You can give each employee their own Dropbox Business account, and pay for everything on a single bill.

Sharing controls and permissions

Make sure sensitive company data stays in the right hands with intuitive sharing controls. Expiration dates and passwords can be added to shared links, while Dropbox admins can decide which teams have access, and whether sharing is allowed outside the company.

Lost device protection

Easily secure lost and stolen devices. If a device is misplaced, it’s easy to unlink it from the employee’s account and pause Dropbox syncing. Dropbox admins can also use our remote wipe feature to clear all the files from the device’s Dropbox folder.

Account transfer

Conveniently migrate company files to another member of the team with account transfer. If an employees leaves, admins can suspend or delete the user’s account, and transfer files with just a few clicks.

User authentication

Add extra layers of protection to user accounts. Two-step verification requires users to input a six-digit security code to sign in or connect a new device. Single sign-on lets team members securely gain access using an existing identity provider such as Active Directory.

Keep your team productive and your data safe



per user / month, starting at 3 users ex GST

  • 3 TB of space for secure storage​

  • Easy-to-use sharing and collaboration tools

  • 3 TB (3,072 GB) of space

  • 120 days of file recovery

  • 256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption

  • Smart Sync

  • Dropbox Paper admin tools

  • Office 365 integration

  • Admin console and audit log

  • Granular sharing permissions

  • User and company-managed groups

  • Remote device wipe

  • Enable two-factor authentication (2FA)

  • Unlimited API access to security and productivity platform partners

  • 25,000 API calls/month for data transport partners

  • Live chat support



per user / month, starting at 3 users ex GST

  • As much space as your team needs​


  • Sophisticated control and secuirty features

  • Everything in Standard​

  • As much space as needed

  • Advanced admin controls

  • Dropbox Showcase

  • Tiered admin roles

  • File event tracking

  • Advanced user management tools

  • Invite enforcement

  • Domain verification

  • Single sign on (SSO) integration

  • Device approvals

  • Business hours phone support


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  • Customisable solutions​


  • Individualised support to help admins manage at scale

  • Everything in Advanced 

  • Account Capture

  • Network control

  • Enterprise mobility management (EMM) support

  • Domain Insights

  • Advanced training for end users and admins

  • 24/7 phone support 

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