"EOS has been a great support to our organisation, updating our servers and IT equipment to better serve our growing needs and ensuring our client data is securely backed up and safe. Our IT systems are now considerably more stable. I would not hesitate to recommend them to others."

The Orthodontists - Perth 

Our business relies on a fully operational IT network. EOS IT had the experience required and they have provided this.

They discussed our situation with us and they have provided that peace of mind that our systems are being monitored, maintained and secure.

They are very approachable and their support team is just great.

They are always just a phone call away if we require them.

We would recommend them to other veterinary practices”

Pip - Murray Vets


IT is no longer just defined by hardware or software but is now a vital utility in today's business world. 

Given the vast amount of possible solutions and approaches it's vital for us to listen to you and continue to do so until we are 100% sure we understand your requirements. 


In todays 'data-on-demand' world almost everything is connected. We ensure that we keep you connected not only with your data but with the most appropriate technology to access it in the manner best suited to your needs.


Most of our best work goes unseen as we work seamlessly with your business 24/7 to maintain productivity. You can be assured we always speak your language and do our utmost to work to your expectations, deadlines and budgets. 

We are proud to play our part in assisting our clients to manage and grow their business in ways that are always efficient, economic, scalable and reliable.

"We have managed to reverse a trend of year on year cost creep upwards, I am happy that our new system has not only reversed the upward cost creep, but has in fact reduced my IT costs."

Access WA - Mandurah

Karl and the team at EOS IT have been managing our IT system since 2016. During this time we have completed a major server up-grade, system back-ups, disaster recovery processes and implemented managed antivirus solutions, back internet connections including automatic fall over. More recently during the release of our new custom built business management system Karl and his team set-up and managed dual operating systems incorporating the virtualization of our existing system and complete operating system upgrade; allowing us to slowly implement our new software with a reliable fall over in place. 

Ben Millar - LINKS Surveying