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Cloud Servers

Hosted Remote Server

Access your files easily from a Hosted Remote Server, anywhere and anytime, without investing in computing infrastructure.

A Hosted Remote Server is the ideal solution for businesses that have users who need to access their data from various locations and do not want to invest too much in infrastructure.

File Storage in the Cloud

Access your files fast and securely using our scalable, easy to deploy cloud servers. Have peace of mind knowing your data is stored at a reputable data centre in Perth, Western Australia. 

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing provides the ability to run a number of computers, hardware, software and servers remotely without actually owning or running the software and hardware. This allows instant scalability, as more computers can be added or removed from the cloud at any time. Therefore, there are virtually unlimited processing and storage capabilities to any user that wants to use cloud technology.

What are the advantages of moving into the Cloud?

Cloud computing will increase your IT capacity or add capabilities without investing in new infrastructure, training new personnel or licensing new software. Cloud will change the way you do business, will save your business time and money, gives you the ability to think big but still be small, and gives you the power to grow your IT as your business expands or scale back if you need to without financial implications.

Our clients include small, medium and large companies, all moving to Cloud technology as it holds many benefits, including data storage at a WA based facility plus the advantages of:

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