IT support Perth for orthodontists

Specialist IT support Perth for orthodontists

Creating solutions and supporting a company with their IT is more than just making sure that everything works.  It involves regular updates, troubleshooting, maintenance, coordination between all areas of the business on and off site, secure storage of information and patient records and, in this case, liaising with overseas technology companies.  It involves creating solutions that go above and beyond the everyday.

We spoke to one of our orthodontic clients this month to find out how the solutions we create for him has made a difference to his business.

What Dr Mithran Goonewardene had to say about our IT support Perth

Changing needs as business grows

Dr Goonewardene is the Principal Orthodontist at Booragoon, Subiaco and Broome Orthodontic Clinics.   He has been working with EOS IT since February 2013.

“I started as a small business with just one orthodontist …  Over the years we have grown to six orthodontists and over 50 staff.  It is a complex healthcare delivery business requiring a high level of technology that is constantly changing.”

IT solutions for a complicated system

Like many orthodontists Dr Goonewardene had a need for IT support Perth that would be able to provide solutions for the management of a large computer network, sophisticated imaging, secure patients record storage and remote access.

“EOS IT has built on, upgraded and set up our entire computer network.  We use a number of customised orthodontic packages from America including our website which is integrated with our practice management operating system.  It enables us to integrate accounts, treatment procedures, store patient records including complex 3D imaging and radiographs.  EOS IT set up the solutions to integrate all of these processes across our 3-site network.

They manage installation and maintenance of our 3D facial scanners, dental scanners and imaging processes.  Although our software is sourced from the USA partially supported from Sydney, EOS IT is actively involved in troubleshooting, liaising with the team in Sydney and America, when there are hardware issues that occur due to software integration.”

Predicting problems to keep your business running

IT should enhance your business.  But in order for it to do that it must undergo a regular health check to see what problems could be coming up on the horizon and what solutions will be needed to avoid these.  Dr Goonewardene is the principal orthodontist at three practices in WA.  He is often moving between practices or working offsite and has a number of team members who are also offsite from time to time.  There is a need for excellent offsite management to ensure the best support solutions.

“We also need an IT company who have the skills and experience to manage offsite integration and remote access for all the doctors and team members who work from home.   In addition, I do a lot of international lecturing and often need IT assistance.  When I have run into technical issues overseas EOS IT have logged into our system remotely and resolved the issues.  This has enabled me to get back to my job quickly and with minimal disruption.”

The professionalism and businesslike attitude of the team at EOS IT have been factors in the success of the solutions they have developed for the dental industry.

“Our previous experiences with IT support included regularly confronting crises when things became dated or overloaded. Our business cannot afford the downtime when crises are encountered and we need to understand the immediate and mid-term needs of our technology support. We have 30 – 40 computers on our sites and multiple offsite devices.  EOS IT performs regular health checks on everything.  They regularly monitor and give me updates on performance and produce a comprehensive report that is written on our level.  They are such a professional outfit.  They can tell when something is becoming tired and going to collapse.  They pre-empt many of the problems before they arise.  This gives me great peace of mind.”

Stable, skilled and professional

Like any service, we believe there is a genuine need for continuity, for solutions that look to tomorrow not just to today. It takes time to get to know the specific needs of a client and his or her IT infrastructure.  Our IT support Perth is designed around longevity and stability of service.

“EOS IT have a stable group of employees and they really understand our needs.  Their people are very highly skilled and very quick to respond and deal with things.  They are a professional team who give us excellent service.  I would definitely recommend them to others in the industry.”

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