securityWhat to consider

When assessing the security of your data

How secure is your server? Can it be stolen? Will it survive a fire? Can it be hacked?

1. Data stored locally on a server

  • How secure is your server? Can it be stolen? Will it survive a fire? Can it be hacked?
  • Do you back your files up daily? Are the backups tested regularly? Is the backup location secure?
  • Can you be up and running in short order if the server has a hardware failure? Remember that it takes a few days to get replacement parts!

2. Data stored in the CLOUD

  • Are you sure the storage provider is reliable and reputable?
  • Is the data transfer itself secure?
  • Is the data stored in a data centre?
  • Can you retrieve all the data easily if you decide to change data provider?
  • Is the data easily accessible for your users?

Successful example of using a Cloud data storage strategy

  • Store all your data on a server in a reliable data centre and access it using Microsoft Terminal Server. Your users have the full range of Microsoft tools like Office and Outlook at their disposal without your data files ever leaving the data centre
  • All services on the Terminal Server, including Microsoft licencing can be obtained on a pay-as-you-go model
  • Backup your data automatically to another server in the data centre so you can retrieve lost or deleted documents and files
  • Set up a Disaster Recovery system for the server in the data centre, this is a subscription based service (pay-as-you-go)
  • Enter into a support agreement with EOS IT & CLOUD SPECIALISTS to actively manage and monitor local workstations, as well as providing helpdesk services to your business

Server on your premises

  • Is your server secure from theft and hacking attacks?
  • Is your server ideally in a fireproof location?
  • Do you have daily backups of your data to a reliable local data centre?
  • Have you implemented a Disaster Recovery Solution?
  • Ensure you have a support agreement with EOS IT & CLOUD SPECIALISTS
  • We will actively manage and monitor your server and local workstations
  • We will provide helpdesk services to your business

Running your own server is a costly exercise, however in some cases it cannot be avoided. You may have proprietary software requiring a local server or there may be other reasons for needing a server. The best solution is to move as many services as possible into the Cloud and leave only those that absolutely need a server.

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