risk managementSafety First Risk Management

A proactive Risk Management approach is the solution

Loss of any data can be extremely costly. Securing your data however, is only a part of the puzzle.

Some occurrences to consider

  • Data loss is the most obvious risk your IT infrastructure can face
    • Lack of good backups after hardware failure is a very common cause of data loss
    • Theft – sometimes servers are stolen. However, more commonly laptops containing sensitive and important data go missing or are stolen
    • Fire – Can your business data survive a fire at your office?
    • Virus attacks can lead to hacking and loss of data
  • Litigation
    • If a client’s data is stolen from your system, you could be facing lawsuits
    • If a disgruntled employee causes problems, can you trace their actions in case you want to take legal action
  • Many data security related problems occur as a result of internal, rather than external, factors. This is a serious risk that should not be overlooked, and should be planned for by restricting access to data to only what the employee needs and no more. Passwords should be reset regularly and employees should be made aware of the risks they face if their password is compromised.

Cloud computing can help in a number of cases

  • By storing data offsite, the obvious problems of server theft and fire risks no longer exist
  • Hacking is not a problem if you data is stored with a reputable data centre
  • Laptops are not required to hold sensitive company data because all data exists on the server in the data centre
  • All computing resources should be properly managed, monitored and protected against virus attacks including the offsite server and all local devices. Management software that performs this function is provided as a Cloud service
  • Litigation risks are minimised by properly securing data. Additionally, the data centre is legally responsible for some of the risk
  • The less data you store onsite, the lower your risk of internal attacks

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