What type of business are you? How to choose your managed IT services package

The right managed service for you will depend on the type of business you have

IT services come in many different shapes and sizes and choosing the best one for you will very much depend on the needs of your business or office.  This month we will be outlining three main business types that benefit from using managed IT services.

What are managed IT services?

Using managed solutions simply means you are using an IT company to keep your system running smoothly, ensure it remains protected and updated so that you can focus on using the technology rather than maintaining the technology.  It is not unlike using a mechanic to keep your car running smoothly, the main difference being that an IT company can predict and fix problems often without you having to be impacted by them first.

Will all services suit all businesses?

In a word – no.  Let’s stick with our car analogy for a moment. Think of your business like a family.  If you have lots of people in your family you will need a bigger car than if you have only one or two people to move around.

Your IT support service is the same.  If you have a lot of technology that needs to be looked after, or if your job is dependent on that technology working, you are going to need more comprehensive cover and management solutions than if you only have one or two computers or if you don’t depend on your technology.

The 3 main business types

Most businesses will fit within one of three main types:

  1. The Hobby Office
  2. The Small Business
  3. The Large Organisation

The Hobby Office

The term ‘hobby office’ refers to an individual or group that uses a computer for non-essential matters.  They may use it when doing work for sports groups or club memberships but it is not essential to their income stream or for day-to-day work.

These individuals may have a back up drive and would be able to wait a day or two to get it fixed if the machine went down.  Although it would be inconvenient it wouldn’t be damaging.

The Small Business

Small business owners may work from a rented space or they may work from a home office.  These individuals rely on their computer for their income and a breakdown or loss of data could be the difference between finishing a job on time and getting paid and having to redo work again or failing to meet a deadline.  Software, email and backup could be local or in the cloud.

These individuals may work as sole traders or they may be part of a small team, either way they are serious about their business and use their technology as an essential tool for success.

The Large Organisation

The Large Organisation is the company that cannot afford to lose billable hours to technology that fails to perform.  These organisations have multiple machines and need to ensure that all machines, both static and mobile, are fully protected and updated at all times.

They regularly pass files between members of the organisation and cannot afford to lose time on technological errors or updates during office hours.

These groups may have multiple members of staff, some of whom may inadvertently download ‘bad’ files or fail to clear old files thus slowing down the system without realising it.

The Large Organisation is the group that uses technology as an essential tool to ongoing growth and success.  Machine downtime would dramatically impact productivity and output.  The right support is critical to success.

Which business type are you?

Next month we will be looking at which services best suited to your management structure.  Knowing which description best suits you will help you choose the best service package to support your needs.

Not all businesses fit neatly into a category

Some business owners feel they are hovering between two categories.  If that is the case, think about which category best describes where you want to be in the next 12-18 months and that will be the best cover to put in place ready to give you the support you are going to need.

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