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Ransomware just got worse

A new strain extracts files and takes over your computer. The strain, named “Crysis” looks to be the next major serious malware threat. This malware is now able to exfiltrate critical files and user information, gain administrator rights and take over as an admin user. It doesn’t matter if the computer is a PC or a Mac. Once inside a network, it can also attack virtual machines and any server visible on the infected computer.

A new strain has arrived

Crysis spreads to other machines through self-running files and can copy admin login information to its command-and-control server from any device it attacks. This means the malware can extract data until the login credentials are changed.

Ransom demand has risen

eWeek also reports this ransomware threat now demanding ransom in excess of $20,000, not the $200 or $300 amounts of the recent past.

Steps to help avoid Crysis

– Educate Yourself

Know the extent of the threat and how it goes about its work is the obvious starting point.

– Update AV Tools

While antivirus tools may miss the infected applet, since the ransomware is designed to elude detection, it is still absolutely critical to keep all client anti-malware tools up to date.

– Consider Advanced Tools

In addition to AV and regular data backups, advanced threat detection and malware analysis tools may provide another layer of protection. Advanced tools look for characteristics that are common in malware but absent from AV malware signatures, to identify, quarantine, analyse and remediate attacks.

– Educate Staff

Crysis is still being investigated, but security vendors have concluded social engineering is involved. It is critical to educate staff on social engineering tactics such as phishing, baiting and yes, whaling. Teach staff how to identify and avoid these threats.

In summary

Knowledge, communication and safe habits are the basic tools to combat this new strain of ransomware. Employ them correctly, and you won’t let “Crysis” become a crisis for your business.

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