EOS IT Data Security ServicesData Security – Offsite Backup and Disaster Recovery, can you afford NOT to have your data safe and securely backed up?

Do you want real data security? A combination of hourly, daily and monthly system restoration plus server backup protection allows your data to be restored to a particular point in time.

Offsite Backup

  • Minimise computer downtime and maximise business productivity
  • Besides its people, a company’s data is one of its most critical assets. Keeping data stored, accessible and secure has become increasingly complex and you can now automatically backup your irreplaceable data every night to a safe and secure location.
  • Prices start from $55 per month

Disaster Recovery

  • Disaster Recovery: Recover quickly when things go really wrong
  • Protect your business from losing irreplaceable system information, such as user information, software, folders and files. This will protect you against:
    • Server hardware failure
    • Theft, fire or natural disaster
    • Data corruption
    • Internal or external network attacks
  • Local backups meaning faster restore times

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