cash flowStop paying for what you don’t need

Cloud services are pay-as-you-go

If you’re like many businesses, you don’t want to invest heavily into IT infrastructure and drain your cash flow if it is not necessary.

Previously, purchasing infrastructure to improve your business systems would have been a costly project. It would require your business to invest a large amount of money to purchase the equipment required, for example servers, router and switches.

Cost Savings and Cloud

The initial reason for moving to the Cloud may be the desire to save on IT costs. Compared to traditional IT infrastructure, a Cloud-based infrastructure requires a much lower (practically zero in fact) up-front cost. Instead of a large capital investment for expensive hardware and networking equipment, you just pay-as-you-go.

When you move to the Cloud you only consume computing resources on-demand. As your business grows, your computing demands will understandably increase. Similarly, if your business shrinks or a project comes to an end, you can easily reduce your IT spending.

Cloud computing provides your business with a highly scalable infrastructure allowing you to increase or decrease IT spend in proportion to computing demand.

But wait, there’s more

Although the lure of cost savings is often the initial reason businesses start moving their IT servies to Cloud, they soon realise there are many other great benefits.

  • Flexibility of staff being able to access their resources (like email, calendars, accounting and documents) from anywhere at any time, increasing productivity
  • Automate client interaction, for example emailing reminders to pay their bills
  • Collaboration tools for documents and spreadsheets, encouraging productivity
  • Improved staff morale, as they increasingly feel “in the loop” simply due to the way Cloud-based applications work, such as focusing on collaboration, flexibility of accessing data and emails and less frustrating when searching for documents and information

The immediate benefits of using a Cloud solution often far exceed the cost of the services itself. At EOS IT & CLOUD Specialists we are extensive users of Cloud infrastructure within our own company, with job management, project management and monitoring plus accounting and payroll all happening in the Cloud. We not only believe in the cost benefits of Cloud-based solutions, we practise what we preach!

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